The Scariest Secret CIA Operations Your Never Heard of Them

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Welcome back, today I’m going to talk about the top five unknowns five dark CIA programs that may still exist today.

number five: operation Mockingbird

It was a CIA program that was created in response to the CIA’s interest in better controlling American media, it’s been known for years that the CIA has been hiring reporters and journalists to assist in developing intelligence and information gathering as well as gathering information about other countries perceptions of the US.
However, the CIA was also involved in bribing or simply paying off certain journalists to employ propaganda into their broadcaster reports to help better sway American opinion in a way that would benefit the CIA, for the most part, this program was employed to keep Americans away from the idea of communism as it was a rising issue in the mid to late twentieth century, since this program was created decades before the internet was commonplace, this meant that many important events that took place overseas were excluded from the US media leaving US citizens completely in the dark about what was going on in the world around them.
This led many Americans to easily believe that any sort of conflict that took place between foreign and local governments must have been the opposing countries fault as the US had painted quite a beautiful image for itself at the time in fact if not all US citizens were blissfully unaware of the u.s.
Conflicts that are taking place in Guatemala at the time with none of this coming out in American media until years later, Congress held several meetings in the mid-1970s about this, and it was revealed and confirmed that the CIA had been bribing journalists for years the director of the CIA at the time George HW Bush announced that the CIA program would be concluded immediately and that no further dealings with the media would be had. However, one clever excerpt from a statement claims that the CIA would continue to employ assistants of unpaid or voluntary journalists so in a sense the operation is still ongoing today in considering the CIA’s track record with it’s safe to assume that virtually nothing probably changed since that 1976 meeting.

number four: in the mid-1960s protests against the u.s. involvement in the Vietnam War

This the beginning of becoming a problem, as they were becoming more widespread and more frequent operation chaos, took place at the same time as operation Mockingbird the programs worked hand-in-hand to eliminate any pushback from American citizens about entering a war in fact operation Mockingbird was being used in this instance to normalize the idea of war and push the idea that it was necessary for any sort of real change to actually take place in turn operation chaos was an idea in which CIA operatives would infiltrate counterculture groups or hippie groups as you may more easily know them as, and sway their opinion on war from the inside out.
President Johnson authorized this plan and many student groups and colleges were to become part of the operation, they’re known to have drastically affected the students for Democratic Society movement as well as the Black Panthers, eventually though they even began to move into women’s rights groups and even Jewish groups though the reasoning behind this remains a bit unclear there exists a considerable amount of evidence, that even today this operation is still ongoing in fact in 2011 it came to light that the CIA had been affecting certain Muslim groups in the New York area working alongside the NYPD to make this happen there’s absolutely no telling just how deep this rabbit hole goes and how much impact the CIA could have on today’s counter-movements.

number three: the CIA is also known to previously unlikely employed psychics to assist in their investigations and programs

The main way they’re known to have employed these individuals was for practice of remote viewing documents, meaning that psychics were able to read sealed envelopes or see the inside of inaccessible buildings, and describe them accurately to everyday operatives the strangest part of this though is that the psychics were extremely accurate in their dealings many of these individuals could provide some creepy details, that truly make you wonder if they’re supposed powers were genuine in one instance, the CIA managed to supply his psychic but the long-distance message by writing it on a sheet of paper, and having another psychic from an entirely different building managed to read it word for word.

In another case CIA operatives created a computer program in the sealed room that would generate a string of zeros and ones across the screen and a psychic managed to accurately reproduce the patterns of the numbers, they were even having these people go through classified documents that they had on hand and the psychics are able to accurately describe the buildings in which the documents were located describe the color of the paper the writing’s on them and even the topics and links of the discussions remote viewing such as this is completely unexplainable but there are allegations that these missions are still ongoing to this day due to their success many years ago there existed virtually no evidence that these plans were ever formally concluded.

number two: operation Northwoods

Isn’t so much of an ongoing program but rather it could have potentially led to other equally disturbing programs that very likely could still be ongoing to this day operation Northwoods was the CIA’s attempt to fake terroristic events on US soil for many 9/11.

Conspiracy theorists this probably sounds eerily similar to the ideas that you’ve been pondering for years the plan was created and approved in the 1960s and called for innocent people on American soil to be shot or otherwise harmed with the blame being successfully pinned on individuals who could vary from Muslims to African-Americans to attackers from foreign countries people would be unlikely were framed for crimes they didn’t even commit with plans for planes to be hijacked and blamed on foreign countries which again sounds familiar to many conspiracy theorists out there at the time that this program was created the idea was to pin many of these deeds on Castro who is becoming a growing problem for the u.s.


It was launched in the early 1950s and allegedly ended in the 1960s, though documents have proven that this is false and that the program didn’t end until at least the 80s, but many claims that it’s still ongoing in some capacity to this day the program appears to have involved several types of drugs and mental procedures.
They’ll be carried out on unknowing American people with the idea behind it being to discover ways to manipulate the American population or brainwashed them into believing certain propaganda more easily many of these experiments are at least the more popular ones included dosing patients with LSD, some of these patients even being CIA employees military doctors or other unknowing patients such as kidnapped homeless individuals or even prostitutes the big issue for this was that not only was it completely unethical and a crime against humanity, but it was also illegal on an international level as it violated the Nuremberg code that been established and accepted internationally after World War two this could have posed very serious issues for the u.s.

That could have resulted in another outbreak of war what makes this entire event worse though is that in 1973 the director of the CIA ordered that all files pertaining to engage Altura be destroyed this means that the depth and animosity of the CIA’s experiments will never truly be known as only a small handful of documents still exist to this day from this almost unbelievable program countless individuals likely thousands were tortured by the hands the CIA both physically and even chemically and although the results of the investigation were considered to be successful we have to ask ourselves at what cost.