The Dumbest reasons people went to the hospital

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The hospital is never exactly a fun time, I mean first you have to get to the long waiting rooms which on a nice day are usually packed, and then you sit down and some dude wearing a face mask is coughing and sneezing all over the place and you see people from ambulances being rolled in with some gnarly injuries.

And then there are those people waiting in line in the ER for something that’s not even that serious, but the people that you’re about to watch are on an entirely different level like you see what they did to themselves, and it’s just like how these people are at the hospital for reasons that not even we here at top 5 Central could seem to explain, so sit back relax as we count down the top five dumbest reasons people went to the hospital.

Number Five:

Anyone who lives or someone of a different gender will know that arguments about leaving the toilet seat up or down happen all the time. The thing is it might seem like a pretty dumb issue but it can actually have some serious consequences like this woman’s husband let the toilet seat up and she didn’t notice, so when she sat down she fell right in, not just that but she got stuck and she was stuck so long that she started to swell up. Obviously, that made it too painful to just pull her out, so they had it transported to the hospital and the toilet had to come with her. Yeah, you heard it right, she was put in the ambulance still in the toilet and roll into the ward the same way, she was fine but her injuries were nowhere near as funny as the situation, I mean she was super dehydrated and couldn’t even feel her legs, There was even a risk of blood clots which is a really serious injury for such a stupid mistake.

So I guess the moral here is to always be careful to put the seat down for ladies gentlemen. I mean come on it’s not that hard but just to be safe, you might want to at least double-check before you sit down to do you you know the business.

Number Four

Have any of you seen the movie Matilda? Well if you have you’ll know that there’s a scene where she glues her dad’s hat to his head. It’s pretty dumb, but this is even dumber because not only does it happen in real life but the poor guy does it to himself. The story goes like this. The guy went out for Halloween and tried to fabric glue a hat to his bare head. The thing is it wasn’t sticking as much as you’d like, so he ended up going for something a wee bit stronger. To be fair he did know that super gluing a hat to his head was a terrible idea, but for some reason, he decided to do it anyway. You could probably guess what happened next, but the next day it just wouldn’t come off and he ended up in the emergency room to get it off. Thankfully half of that kind of light came to lose a little bit, but the other half was stuck. Real good, even worse there was like nothing the doctors could actually do, he just had to wait two or three days for it to come off on its own.

Number Three

Most of you reading this have had at least one karaoke session in the kitchen whether that’s like singing along to the radio or busting out a tune or making breakfast, but I’m guessing none of your on the spot concerts have gone as badly as this guys did. Here’s what happened. You’re slicing up a pizza to eat while watching X Factor, and then his favorite song started playing on the TV. He just had to dance and sing along, so he needed a microphone and you’ll never guess what he decided to use. You probably know exactly where this is going. Of course, he picked up the 10-inch knife he had been using to cut up the pizza and started swinging it around even worse during a super dramatic dance move. He somehow managed to stab the knife into one side of his leg and then right out of the other.

I mean he was fine but it meant a lot of cleaning and checking that could have been avoided which meant a lot more pain.

Number two

most people have done something dumb while drunk and getting hurt after one too many drinks is nothing new either. With that said this drunken injury isn’t as normal as tripping over on the way to the bar. It’s both more serious and more hilarious, Now don’t worry, She ended up being fine but things were almost a lot worse. Basically, this girl came home from a night out with a group of friends and decided to show everyone her great pole dancing skills, I mean just from that you can tell what’s going to happen like things were going fine. But after hanging upside down for a little bit too long she lost her grip and fell.

Even worse she fell directly under her head causing a bunch of pain in her shoulders neck and back. Obviously, doctors were very worried that her spine had been damaged, and there was even a chance that she could be paralyzed by her injuries. Thankfully after two hours of X-rays. She got the all-clear and was sent home with just some painkillers and a very very sore neck.

It was still a super close call though and a good reminder, that even if you think you’re super good at something doing it while drunk might not be the best idea, I mean come on especially pole dancing like what.

Number one

So there’s no denying that this is probably the dumbest injury on the list but we’re gonna cut the boy some slack because he is a kid, after all. I mean yeah licking a coin to get a clean maybe isn’t the smartest thing to do but everyone does stupid things when they’re young. Right, you’re probably asking yourself why he did it, but it’s what happened next. That was the problem. The thing is while he had the coin in his mouth like on his tongue or whatever a firework went offside and scared him the shock was so bad that he swallowed the coin without meaning to, and the next thing you knew he was in the hospital. I was at home happily licking the debt of a pound coin we know not why. It was set on the couch to clean his mouth for some reason and a firework went off The Pilot.

Thankfully he was ok, he had a little bit of a stomach ache, but the coin didn’t end up anywhere dangerous like it avoids his windpipe and his lungs or whatever it was just sitting inside his stomach waiting to make its way out. That was probably the best result anyone could have hoped for, but I’m guessing what happened once he got home as well a little painful, I mean prune juice people prune juice.