Top 5 Weird Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

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Today I’m going to break down the world in a brilliant top 5 list About Queen Elizabeth II. Let’s jump into our list with the top 5 shocking facts about Queen Elizabeth

Number 5 : She Woke Up One Night To Find A Stranger In Her Bed

On July 9th, 1982 a 31 year old st. Croix attic patient named Michael Fagan scaled the Buckingham Palace drainpipe and made his way into Elizabeth’s sleeping chambers, the man was dripping in blood from his hand from his climb to get inside, and then he took a seat on the Queen’s bed near the corner, she woke up and didn’t panic instead she had a ten-minute talk with the guy about his kids and his mental problems until a guard thankfully came in they later found out that this wasn’t his first time breaking it.

Number 4 :the Queen Sent An Email Back In 1976

A long time ago Queen Elizabeth sent her first email while taking part in a networked technology demonstration on March 26, 1976, now what did it say it was kind of boring some like navigational instructions it’d be funny if it was like some juicy stuff like Oh Charles you were such a sexy son and 40 was nothing like that regardless she is the first head of state ever to send an email and she’s gotten very like tech-savvy as of recent she’s got an iPad Mini.

Number 3: She Was Shot At By A Teenager

During her 55th birthday celebration on June 13th, 1981 shots rang out as Elizabeth rode her horse in a parade near Buckingham Palace, the Queen was never hit she actually quickly calmed her horse and continued on with the show, the 17-year-old boy named Marcus surgeon. well, he fired six shots in the Queen’s direction now this young shooter he had idolized the assassins of John F Kennedy as well as John Lennon and wanted to recreate something like that for himself, thankfully he missed and the cops were able to apprehend them he spent three years in prison, and when he got out will he change his name and got on with his life.

number two: The Queen Paid For Her Own Wedding Dress In Coupons

Princess Elizabeth married Maaan batten on November 20th, 1947 this was shortly after the end of the Second World War and the population of England was getting by on ration cards now this royal wedding was actually really practical especially by royal standards and the Queen had to save up her own ration coupons to afford the dress you want in the end she got an ivory satin gown designed by Norman Hartnell and it was encrusted with 10,000 white pearls that’s a lot of coupons but pearls cheaper than diamonds right.

number one: she doesn’t need a Passport

She reportedly visits a hundred sixteen countries during her 60-year reign and is the most widely traveled head of state, but she doesn’t need any paperwork actually all British passports are signed or like sealed with the Queen’s name on it so when she’s won signing them with the point out and Rob’s gonna like you I’m here on top of that she does not need a driver’s license and she drives a lot she’s been spotted going around in a Range Rover good for her.