Top 10 Youtubers Who Haven’t Revealed Their Face

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Welcome back the top five central today we’re looking at the top ten biggest Youtubers who haven’t done face reveals.

Number 10: ownage pranks

ownage pranks

So voice actors are meant to become the characters they play, so it senses out on each prank. Has it revealed who he is? All of his prank calls are made by one of his nine characters, and each one has a unique voice and personality, it makes sense to leave some mystery about who he actually is so that his characters seem even more real, like since we never see the face by any animation, it’s easy to imagine that the characters are real people and it’s almost like they run the channel taking turns to choose the prank and make the calls.

And yeah, at this point really, it just it’s just that a lot of people think that it will ruin the mystery if I show my face right now, which is understandable considering that I guess a lot of you have your own idea of what you think I might look like, consider your shoulder voices and blah blah blah, and which is why I’m kind of holding off on it right now. It’s definitely not because I’m like hideous or like obese or really embarrassed about what I look like. I to look at a camera that’s going to like crack or break or something, I just just keep holding off on it because of the whole ruining the mystery thing.

Number Nine: Masked Gamer


With the name like masked gamers, I’m hard to see why he hasn’t chosen reveal himself yet. His gaming channel has a huge reach and upwards constantly, but now his uploads involve seeing his face at all. Like it’s not surprising since he even has a song, an item named after him in the Legends. Besides, most people are just interested in his gaming, and they don’t really need to know who he actually is.

Number Eight: Exploding TNT


The channel is pretty self-explanatory, he constantly uploads videos putting huge amounts of TNT against various items of Minecraft just to see what will happen, there’s also other content on the channel too, but all with Minecraft related in a lot of it is geared towards younger viewers, that might be why he’s never thought to do a face real as young kids only seem to care about that kind of stuff, like as long as they get their Minecraft fixed or happy and exploding, TNT is more than able to make that happen.

Number seven: RedKeyMon

Another game that really doesn’t need a human face to represent is GTA and Grand Theft Auto. You could appear as anyone you want, it’s easy to see why you might not need to show your own face your viewers for came on a face real, It’s never been important as GTA stunts, funny moments and fails are more than enough, to be honest with you. I’m not even sure people have heard Reiki man’s voice at all, but they may never as he hasn’t appeared in over a year and has completely disappeared off the internet.

Number six: JackFrostMiner


I’ve said already that a lot of Minecraft YouTubers are a mystery and Jack Frost gamer is another one to add to the list. Aside from a switch up Saturday series, his channels all Minecraft all the time and its face is nowhere to be seen. With that said, he still manages to keep his subscribers happy, probably because of the sheer amount of content he puts out. Everything from mods, maps, survival mode of the pocket edition is covered, so it’s hard to ask for anything more. However, he hasn’t been uploading for the past couple of months, so who knows? Maybe he’ll be back in the face of reality in the near future.

Number Five: the relaxing end


The relaxing end doesn’t just do game videos, but even in the relight videos he makes, you don’t get to see anything other than his hands, and even those are covered by gloves. Most of the channels dedicated to Call of Duty, but there is also some unboxing zone in there, too. Even when he’s not boxing the world’s smallest gaming laptop, though, his face is still a mystery, and it’s kind of become like a thing for no one to ever see what he looks like. Who knows, though? Maybe one day there’ll be enough demand, and he’ll actually do it.

Number Four: Bad Lip Reading


Bad lip reading is where the funnies voice is acting channels on the internet Like literally, no one is safe. They’ve read about everyone from Yoda to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The channel itself doesn’t upload very often. When they do, it’s always worth the wait, Since no videos are so rare, it seems kind of pointless to waste one on her face. Real, especially since would stop them from working on a better liberating video. It’s probably best to leave them a mystery as it makes her character seem even more alive and authentic. But I guess sometimes it’s better not to know where the magic is coming from.

Number Three: Jaiden Animations


So most people don’t have a face reveal because they just don’t care, but for Jaden animations, it’s a bit more serious. There’s a lot of reasons why she did want to upload one, Like her privacy or because you don’t want people to judge your work because of how she looks. Most of all, but it had more to do with her eating disorder. She had struggled with starving herself and binge eating, but even when she got better, recover was hard. Going to a convention meant lots of people took her picture and filmed there and now it is just way too much for her. Instead, she decided to censor herself just until she could learn to be OK with herself once more, which in my opinion totally makes sense.

Number Two: H2ODelirious


H2O Delirious is one of the biggest gaming personalities on YouTube, his gaming videos are some of the funniest because no matter what game he’s playing, it’s filled and same levels of energy that his group just kind of has. I think everyone in his group from Van asked a wildcat to die. He did, Noble has done one, but he hasn’t and has actually told his subscribers a few different times about it, he doesn’t really care about people seeing his face as it doesn’t take away anything from his content, you can understand why he hasn’t done one yet.

Number one: How to basic


How to basic is when most famous channels on YouTube. Almost everyone I’ve seen a video of a man punching an egg or flailing his hands around trying to eat an apple, but given that we all know the joke by now, the videos are still hilarious in watching the mess they make never gets old. With it said, the videos are only so funny because they’re absolutely random. Like knowing who’s behind the hands could ruin the comedy completely, Out of all the channels we featured so far, how to basic has at least again from a face real and so I doubt we’ll ever see one. There’s a video on a top ten biggest YouTube bears who haven’t done face reels.