Top 5 Five Secrets In The World

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Everyone has some form of secret that they don’t want people to know about in fact some people will safely carry theirs to the grave but the more secret of something is the more attention it attracts people will want to know why something is being kept secret and what they could benefit by knowing the secret like us we have been attracted to five world’s biggest secrets of all time, and we are here to unearth them or maybe not.


Recipe KFC is managed to keep its recipe a top secret since it was founded the secret recipe is a top guarded secret because it is the selling point of the famous chicken anyone who has tasted the chicken will agree with me that KFC makes some of the best chicken in town it is said that the recipe is completely guarded by the president of the chain of restaurants number 4

4 The Hapsburg Napkin Fold

Would you believe that the folding of the Hapsburg napkin is a top government secret in Austria well now you know it is said that the design of the fold is only known to trusted friends of the state in the royal families which they are sworn under oath not to disclose this little secret to any member of the public surprisingly there have been people who have actually tried to fold the napkin with very little success why the government decided that this should be a secret in the first place is still a mystery number

3 US Medical Secrets

The medical secrets in the u.s are among the top secrets in the world this is due to the fact that the Hippocratic oath taken by doctors requires the doctors to treat the patient’s records with utmost confidentiality this means the doctor should even be prepared to die just to protect the medical information of his or her patients when the government was coming up with this law the intention was to ensure the rights of the patients are protected by all means the records of each patient is not to be disclosed unless the patient’s life is in danger or other people’s lives are in danger as well for this reason the medical secrets are some of the world’s most guarded secrets number .

2 The Afterlife

The afterlife is a secret but yet not a secret we all know that when we die we will either go down or up matter of fact we have heard stories of people who have actually gone to heaven, and back down because of their bad deeds they’ve narrated the stories back to us and we’ve been able to relate what remains a secret is what exactly happens if heaven is actually a real place I guess we will have to wait and see if there is really an afterlife at all.

1 Coca-Cola Formula

Coca-cola formula is probably one of the biggest secrets in the world right now the formula is so secretive that the company had to cancel operations in India because the government demanded to know the ingredients of the drink, there are very few people who know the secret ingredient of coca-cola who are alive today in fact even the employees working at the plant have no idea what the secret ingredient is so much so that there are only two employees who are allowed to know the secret, and any given time these employees are forced to swear under oath that the secret will be guarded at whatever cost and there you have five world’s biggest secrets of all time.