Top 5 YouTubers That Went To Jail

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Welcome back to another article about the top five YouTubers who went to prison or jail.

Number Five: The After Prison Show


a year ago, a man named Joe Saad, a channel called The After Prison Show, Joe served seven and a half years in prison for charges regarding the possession of drugs and weapons. He was released on October 13, 2015, and since then, he’s been trying to rebuild his life. Now, unfortunately, the world isn’t exactly the best place for people who’ve been imprisoned before. People aren’t usually too eager to hire next Kahn, he started the channel to show off the sort of stuff he goes through on a day to day life, including the adjustment to freedom after so long in prison and also the opinions and lies of other ex-cons who’ve been in similar situations, it’s really interesting to have a vlog to sit down and watch. Now, sure, there are similar videos to every other blogger out there, but he also talks a lot about his experiences from jail, and he has some pretty crazy stories that come next of this.

Number Four: James Slattery


The troll station team have had their encounters with jail more than once, but today’s video will be talking about the pranks or James Spidery, he was making one of his typically offensive social experiment videos, and he sort of took it way too far, he literally went to the Slavery Museum in the city of Liverpool and then began making offensive comments to visitors. And yeah, we definitely won’t be repeating those on this channel, Slattery at first claimed that he’s trying to raise awareness of racism, but the victim of Saturday’s offensive words was humiliated by the event and then decide to call the police after he told her that he hated black people for all of this. James was put in prison for two months, suspended for 12 months, and also told the Ed to attend a rehabilitation course for the probation service, as well as that he had to pay a two hundred dollar compensation to the victim and a further eighty-five dollars in prosecution costs. Now, we’re going to leave it up to you to decide whether the British court system was too harsh here, but it just goes to show that being racist in a public place probably isn’t the best thing to try and do, even if it’s just a prank.

Number Three: Steve-O


While Steve-O was probably most known for his involvement in Jackass, he does have a channel three and a half million subscribers, so we’re saying that probably makes me YouTube her as well. Either way, back in 2015, Steve was sentenced to 30 days in county jail and in three years probation for a protest on top of one hundred foot crane at SeaWorld, he basically inflates plastic wear that said, SeaWorld sucks and then hung it off the train. Now, he didn’t seem to care too much about getting arrested, though. Instead of being down about it, he instead released a short comic about him and an awkward whale having a chat in jail, He also said that if your goal is to make a statement about captivity, you may as well get yourself locked up.

Number Two: Jens the beast


Jens The Beast was a skinny child not deserving of the title beast at all, but now he has a chest size of 140 centimeters and an arm circumference of 58 centimeters and is covered in tattoos. So right now, he is definitely a beast. When he was 24, his mom passed away, and after that, he lost control. Eventually ended up involved with local gangs, Months after that, he was sentenced to four years in prison for his involvement, but this was where everything changed when in jail he was offered something known as cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT for short. The therapy changed his life and the way he thought, which led to him to create a career in bodybuilding and fitness business, as well as a YouTube channel and Instagram page. I really love his life story, it’s super inspirational.

Number One: Jack Hill

Jack Hill is another YouTuber with around 3000 subscribers. In 2013, he released a video series called the UK Prison Series, and it basically details his time in the UK prison system. He was arrested for armed robbery in 2011, which led to Jack being put in prison for 14 months, he was driven to the robbery after he had fallen into a deep depression while he was a student, but according to Jack, his time in prison actually helped turn his life around completely. He stopped making videos regularly around a year ago, but not for anything negative. He’s actually managed to get a job, which is always tough for someone who has come out of prison, basically after his terrible mistakes, Everything is now going well.

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