10 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands

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Being a girl is a challenge that has been pretty evident through the long years. But some of the incidences of certain situations are just so common that it just cannot be avoided. We have tried to pick the top few notches of situations that are just common and we fail to deliver answers.

1. Having to talk while having food

Trying to talk while having food is like feeling a bit under the weather. Certainly, no one would have clamped down on food if there were thoughts on serious talks.

2. When your Mom tries to be cool in front of your friends

Just the last want the thing you wanted is to get you mother poking on your friends. What’s more intimidating is that she is ready to help with some advice for your friends. Certainly, a disastrous turmoil when your mother has started taking interests in your friends at home.

3. When you mistake someone is waving at you and you wave back

Just an insult to an injury, as many times we fail to keep the track of our friends and end up in a funny situation. Though unintended, there is certainly foul play with strangers.

4. When you get the songs wrong while listening to music

Certainly, just the right blows to once in a blue moon opportunity, getting the lyrics and the words wrong. Obviously, prospects not the taste for the girl on the ball.

5. When your friend reacts weird and puts on attitude

“Taste of your own medicine”. Some things you certainly do not expect from your friend when it really matters. Often the case with the needed times, girls do regret.

6. When you fall with the high heels on

High heels are never, there are timeless evil stories around and yet you managed to let the cat out of the bag. No one’s to blame and Heels are to be blamed.

7. Sex scenes in the movies while watching television with family

Certainly, not the situation for the faint-hearted. Being at the wrong channel at the wrong time, whilst your parents are around, just doesn’t suit any of the Home occasions.

8. When dad checks on for coming home late

Certainly one of the common cases in most households, being the target for being late to reach home is one of the intimidating and disturbing reality of most of the girls try to regret.

9. Buying feminine products from a male attendant in a dispensary

Certainly, you keep certain stuff off from others by beating around the bush. But getting the stuff from the dispensary is always a hard task if the attendee had to be of the opposite sex.

10. Getting Measured for Bra

Certainly one of the most obnoxious moments and certainly ends up with strangers trying to work on the measurements of bust. Certainly, not in the best of girl’s interest.