Luckiest Things Found In The Trash

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Some people just seem to have impeccable luck, and I’m not just talking about some guy that wins like a scratch-off or someone who hits the most ridiculous buzzer-beater, I’m talking about people finding hundreds of thousands of dollars or nonchalantly stepping to the left while crossing the street without looking and then having like a semi turned to the corner, flip over inches away from your face. Meanwhile, I’m the type of person that would just be chilling at my house and had that same smile just slammed through my room taking me out.

Number 5:

You’ve all heard the expression throwing money away. Well, that’s kind of exactly what happened in this story, and it was nearly lost forever. Basically, this recycles plant worker was sorting through buckets of old scrap metal, but he saw something at the bottom that looked like green paper, almost like money. I mean, me being me, I probably would’ve just like brushed it off thinking it was like scrap paper or something, but this dude was a lot smarter than me and decided to take a look, turns out it was a huge pile of savings. Bonds had been thrown out by mistake, worth over twenty thousand dollars. The worker could have just thrown them out, but instead, he made tons of phone calls until he found the owner and reunited them with their inheritance. To give this story a happy ending, I wonder if he could have just like turned them in himself or keep them because man, this guy is a lot nobler than what I was thinking.

Number Four:

Do you ever make mistakes so bad? You just want to kick yourself. Well, if he said yes, then you definitely know how this guy feels. The story is when a famous artist died, and a lawyer hired a cleaner to take away anything not valuable, while all the precious stuff was sold off instead, however, the cleaner accidentally took home an old barrel that looked like trash, and the lawyer let him do it. That would all be fine, except the barrel wasn’t rubbish at all. It was filled with ancient Mayan treasure worth over sixteen thousand dollars. In fact, a lawyer was so mad at the mistake he wouldn’t even congratulate the dude on his accidental fine day. If I was the cleaner, I’d be super psyched.

Number three:

everyone knows storage units are the best places to find forgotten treasures, but I don’t think anyone expects to find something like this. I mean, this final literally happened on the lot where they filmed storage wars, but there were no cameras rolling because the storage unit wasn’t considered exciting enough. Well, I think it’s pretty exciting, though, because it contained a bunch of gold coins and gold and silver bars, which add up to a ridiculous amount of money. How much? Somewhere around five hundred thousand dollars for a unit that only cost around a thousand dollars in the first place. I mean, I’m not exactly sure how storage units work, but me personally I would feel so crappy if I was bidding against it. This dude lost and thought he was like a sucker just to literally unveil gold bars like geez. Feels bad, man.

The unidentified man from San Jose bought the storage unit at auction last month, sight unseen and run by the same auction company featured in the Annie show Storage Wars. By the way, the container held about 16 gold Spanish coins. Quite a few, Silver of Spanish dollars and several gold and silver bars. All told, worth about half a million dollars. Not bad for an eleven hundred dollar investment.

Number Two:

my favorite thing about this story is that so many things could have stopped it from happening, but somehow everything worked out just right. I mean, first off, these guys were supposed to be on vacation, but they ended up staying home because of a broken refrigerator, then they bought a scratch-off ticket but threw it out before even doing it, And then they forgot all about it. In fact, they only remembered it existed totally randomly, and it’s even more random than the husband decided to dig through the trash to find it, It’s a very good job that he did because it ended up being like a million-dollar winning ticket. If you don’t know, winning the lottery is even less likely than having a shark bite you on land in like Tennessee. So the fact that not only they won but threw it away and still got a bag is insane.

A family fortune that almost slipped through their fingers. Luckily, they remembered something they forgot, and that would eventually lead to one of the biggest surprises of their life. He said, oh, my gosh, I think I must have thrown them away, next morning I got up, and I remembered that I cleaned the counters off and that’s where I left the bag. Thickets in it, one with the water. Do you think it was in the bottom one?

So Joe dug through the garbage pail to find his scratch on pope when it was there. I didn’t know what I did with it. I never expected it to be a winner. But in fact, it was a million-dollar ticket.

number One:

So furniture being thrown out and left on the street is nothing new. What this woman found was more valuable than an old sofa or a broken table. I mean, she was just going to go get some coffee when she saw a huge red painting poking out from behind a trash bag. And she took it home without really knowing why. Like she thought the painting and the frame look super cheap. When she asked an art dealer to value it, it turned out to be a lost painting by a super famous Mexican artist. Not just that, but it was worth up to a million dollars and have been stolen from its rightful owner. The woman obviously returned it, and even though she didn’t get a million, she did get fifteen thousand dollars for doing the right thing, which is better than nothing at least.

This is the spot, however, where Ms. Gibson found this painting four years ago, sitting in a pile of garbage. It turns out it isn’t garbage. It’s actually a 1970 painting stolen 20 years ago. And it’s worth a lot of money.